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More Income Opportunities for Mortgage Brokers

Create income through your existing relationships.
You find business financing opportunities. We close them. You get paid.

Why is there an opportunity for me?

If you have any clients who are small business owners, or you talk to them about business, there is an opportunity for you.

Banks are very difficult for small businesses to work with, especially for small businesses. Banks are also notoriously slow for financing for small businesses. Most small businesses need money now. We are specialists in helping small businesses get the financing they need. We often help our clients in less than 48 hours.

How it Works

When someone tells you that they need financing for their business, you can help them. And you get paid without any additional work.

Step 1Find a Lead

When a business owner tells you they need financing – it’s a lead.

Step 2Pass the Lead

Pass the lead to us – it only takes minutes.

Step 3Get Paid

When your lead gets their financing, you get paid.

Lori’s Lending Advantage

Lori’s Lending works with mortgage brokers who want a new revenue stream without extra work. We provide an alternate revenue stream for mortgage brokers who come across small business financing opportunities in their day to day operations.

We enable you to get extra revenue, without having to any of the work. You just provide us the lead. Our confidential lead management system identifies you as the provider of the lead. When we close the lead, you get paid.

Our mortgage broker partners have found this program helpful for their customer and they get paid for it too. With minimum effort we will provide you the highest referral fee available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the financial products you offer my business clients?

  • Each business is unique in their requirements, so we look to match the right funding product with their needs. We have a variety of products which includes Business Advances, Equipment Leasing, Commercial Business Loans and mortgages, PO and AR financing and access to private lenders.

What are your rates?

  • The rates vary from product to product, but all are the most competitive for the market.

How much do I get paid for the lead?

  • We will provide you with a guarantee commission of 2% on funded amount unless otherwise negotiated at time of offer acceptance.
We know how hard you work to create new business opportunities. With Lori’s Lending, you get to create even more, with no extra effort.

Leverage Your Existing Conversations for Additional Commissions