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Asset-Based Lending

What Is It?

Asset Based Lending is (generally speaking) a loan, where assets, such as your accounts receivable and your inventory, are used as collateral.

How Does it Work?

Asset Based loans are based on an agreed upon percentage of the assets’ value. For accounts receivable, it’s generally 70-80 percent. For finished inventory, it’s generally 50 percent. These types of loans are very well suited for distributors, manufacturers and services companies.


Asset Based Lending is also known as Asset Backed Finance and Asset Based Loan. They are often used for season needs and with industry cycles. Asset Based Loans can also be used to finance acquisitions.

What Are the Advantages of ABL?

  • It’s easier to get than a loan or a line of credit
  • It’s normally very flexible in payment terms
  • It can be obtained fairly quickly
  • Its costs can be lower

You Need Cashflow

  • Can’t Sleep At Night?
  • Don’t have enough cashflow
  • Haven’t been in business long enough
  • No collateral
  • Poor credit history
  • Your bank isn’t moving fast enough?

Don’t Wait, Get The Cash You Need!